GM headshot assignment

Yesterday I was assigned to shoot a corporate headshot for a local car dealership. I used the 85mm f1.8 with a we squirt of fill flash & I am very pleased with the results 🙂

DSC_8745 DSC_8749

Easter bunny

With easter fast approaching like a rolling egg with a cartoon jesus painted on, Myself & Victoria decided we should do something a little different. I have always wanted to pay homage to the works of Helmut Newton and have always wanted to shoot something as bold as his rooftop Bunny shot. With Vicky being very good at sourcing items for my “spur of the moment” ideas we had the desired look in no time 🙂

bunny copy DSC_8683DSC_8679

Midday sun shooting :/

Today I was shooting with up and coming model Amy Hasson. When I suggested we meet at 11am I had forgotten how challenging shooting at high noon can be.

Armed with a CPL + ND8 + ND4 stacked & and SB800 i figured it would be fine 🙂

DSC_7759Despite the challenging lighting and my failing battery causing recycling times to seem as long as an episode of Eastenders we got some great looking shots.

woodland shoot with Victoria James

This evening I met up with Victoria Divine to shoot some fairy style images in the woods. No real set in stone plan as such just a loose idea really. Vicky was wearing a hand made dress from Psychomoda ladies clothing.

DSC_3729I had obtained a roe deer skull a while back and thought it might make for an interesting image. I have been wanting to get this image for a while now.

I shot most of the set with a rapid box and speedlight set very low, just to lift the mid-tones really not for dramatic effect.

DSC_3740Vicky also had with her a lovely cape made by Anna Macneil.